Workshop of Introduction to Book and Paper Conservation, Archives of San Carlos University, Guatemala

In november 2011, DeLibro animated a workshop about the Introduction to the book and paper conservation in Archives and Libraries. The course took place in the Archives of the San Carlos University in Guatemala City.

It was a 12-hours course on two days. Each group (personnel of Archives and Libraries of the city) was composed by around ten people who received a certificate of assistance at the end of the course, published by the University.
The main objective of the workshop was to introduce the book and paper conservation, as this speciality is studied, taught and practiced in Europe and the Western world in general. For example, which products have to be used and why, how to choose them, which are the ethical rules to follow, etc.
In Guatemala, there is neither a specific training nor a career to study conservation; it is then very important for them to get information from the exterior, as it is a good way for them to improve and update their knowledge of the subject.
It has been a very special and enriching experience, to share with these people and to learn from them, what it is to conserve in a country where the place given to cultural heritage is small and not much highlighted.

Plan of the workshop

Portfolio of the workshop