Monthly Archives: January 2016

Show at Montreuil-Bellay in Anjou, the 20th and 21st of February 2016

Atelier DeLibro is going to take part to the Show about the Book and its arts and crafts professionnals in Montreuil-Bellay in the Anjou in France. The Show will be open the 20h and 21st of February 2016. It will be the opportunity of discovering or re-discovering many specialities linked to the Book : calligraphy, illumination, heraldry, typography, engraving, illustration, printing, paper-making, marbling, bookbinding, gilding, book and paper conservation…

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Setting up with the 16 Ter, the conservation center in Nantes

The Atelier DeLibro is from now on set up in Nantes, more especially in the heart of the Ile de Nantes, where a lot of creative and artistic activities take place. The studio is sharing a co-working space called 16 Ter, conservation shared with three other freelance conservators of cultural Heritage.

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