• A complete and varied savoir-faire

    Aline Leclercq, trained in various European countries and conservator for over seven years, already collaborated to numerous international projects. She presents a complete and varied knowledge of the subject, and update frequently her skills as conservation is constantly evolving.

  • Knowing how to protect and convey a cultural patrimony

    Working for preserving and passing a patrimony to the next generations, every intervention is legitimate and always undertaken respecting the ethical rules of the profession. A treatment will always be the result of a serious study of the object, its composition, its condition and its historical context.

  • Book and Paper Conservation

    Aline Leclercq offers her services as a book and paper conservator, able to work on any artefact that is fully or partially made with paper. She also offers her knowledge in preservation and conservation for other activities as courses, workshops, professional formation, etc.

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