Setting up with the 16 Ter, the conservation center in Nantes

The Atelier DeLibro is from now on set up in Nantes, more especially in the heart of the Ile de Nantes, where a lot of creative and artistic activities take place. The studio is sharing a co-working space called 16 Ter, conservation shared with three other freelance conservators of cultural Heritage.

The conservateurs animating this space are Kiriaki Tsesmeloglou, specialized in paintings and icons, Julia Becker in Design artefacts, objects made from wood and contemporary materials as plastics and Tristan Maheo specialized in mural painting. Some “itinérant” conservateurs of cultural Heritage will use our facilities during some projects requiring the professionalism in different specialities of conservation.
The purpose of our project is to create a place of exchange between qualified conservateurs among themselves but also to undertake partnerships with other professionals of cultural Heritage, nationwide and internationally.

The studio is also welcoming two associations : ICON-NETWORK, international organization specialized in the research about icons and ARC POLE 44, association dedicated to professional education (i.e., education on management of collections in institutions, preservation and its application on museum storage and exhibition rooms, handling of artefacts, exhibiting rules, etc.) and to research in preservation and conservation of cultural Heritage.

Feel free to contact us :
16 ter Boulevard de la Prairie au duc
44200 Nantes