Training on Photography Conservation, Fundación Televisa, Mexico


The training took place at the conservation studio at the Fundación Televisa in Mexico City, managed by Fernando Osorio. The staff was composed by two conservators, a person in charge of database and communication, and an image technician for the digitalization of the documents.

The laboratory was very well-equipped and gave me a very good overview of the materials and the treatment possibilities for the conservation of photography.
I have been introduced on the different methods of revealing photographs during the time, their material description and the way of treating and manipulating them. I have been collaborating to various projects undertaken by the studio while I was present:
Cleaning, documentation and storage of the collection of photographs of Charnay and Briquet; preparation and reception of artifacts going or coming from exhibitions; cleaning, framing and preparation of items for an exhibition the Fundación was in charge of at the National Museum of Arts in Mexico City.
I have also been introduced to different conservation treatments on photographs as bath, separation of an image from a broken film, etc.