Fourth Register of Property Acts in the city of Grenade, 16th century

In november 2014, back from the Antarctic, Aline came back to Grenade where she collaborated again with the Archives of the city. The in-folio mayor that she is conserving for them is the Fourth Register of Property Acts from the 16th century. High format and heavy item, the challenge on this document was mainly to re-create the cover binding.

The superior board was missing and some of the elements of the spine as well. The text block was conserved without taking it apart, and the spine reinforced in situ conserving the original sewing. The original inferior board and the superior board made of permanent Museum cardboard are mounted as originally. The original covering leather is conserved after being pasted onto the boards. The aim of this treatment is the stabilization of the condition of the item. The degradation is stopped by a cleaning and a disinfection; its aesthetics and the historical interest of its binding re-valorized, and thanks to the intervention on the structure of the manuscript, it can be manipulated, read and eventually digitalized in the future.

portfolio of the manuscript treatment