Conservation of George Murray Levick’s Notebook, Canterbury Museum, New-Zealand

Video Levick

After seven months spent in the Antarctic, Aline came back to New-Zealand where she collaborated again with Antarctic Heritage Trust on a very special project, the conservation of George Murray Levick’s Notebook.

This job took place at the Canterbury Museum in Christchurch.

The Notebook was found on the site of Cape Evans, outside the Hut. It is The Wellcome Photographic Exposure Record and Diary, published in 1910. This artifact has been brought back to New-Zealand for its conservation, but also to undertake a deeper study of its content. Indeed, the book holds handmade notes from George Murray Levick who was the surgeon during the Terra Nova expedition, but also a photographer, who carried out a very important study of penguins at Cape Adare, observing their behavior for a full year. After analysis of the text, it was found that his notes are relative to his work as a photographer, especially technical remarks as exposure times, etc. The following video presents the document and the conservation treatment undertaken on this item.

Press talking about the diary: